Left4Dead, I’m leaving you. For dead.

L4D was hyped. I was excited. It looked awesome. The concept was awesome. But I’ve learned that even when something is lauded to be awesome, it often turns out really crappy. This has happened to The Simpsons Movie, living with lesbians, and communism. All sound good in theory, but when you apply them, bad things happen.

Note: I have experienced only the first two.

My L4D playtime

My L4D playtime

Well, as you can tell from my stats, I’m a guy who likes his Left4Dead. Even so, I’m beginning to see that it’s not that great of a game. The main problem is that there are only four campaigns and you finish them in about four hours. That’s it. You’ve seen everything that there is to see. And unless you’re in some sort of clan, you’re going to have to play with random internet people. This has always been painful, random internet people are assholes and most of them suck.

Aside from the cooperative mode, there’s also a Versus mode where you can play as special zombies. The problem with this is that in order to do well, you have to be very coordinated, very team-oriented, and random internet people are not. They wander off by themselves, their attacks are not in tandem with those of others, leading to lack of synergy. Many players quit, leaving the team undermanned, which leads the rest of the team to quit. Games fall apart, the center cannot hold. Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world.

There’s a survival mode but you’re lucky (or skilled) if you can last 10 minutes in each map, usually public teams last 3:30 or so. Those games go by quickly, and when you have the gold standard, 10 minutes, you’re done with that map basically forever.

So I’m pretty bored of it and will probably stop playing. I bought the game for $25 on Steam when they were having a sale, and I suppose it’s worth that much at least. It’s still good for LAN parties.


bonjour, monde!

I got one of these. Great. Another thing I’ll feel obligated to write in once in a while. But maybe this will be the start of a new thing. May 2009 onwards.

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Hopefully I’ll have a different style than before, writing things that aren’t as monolithic. This will probably serve as a daily journal, but I do still write monolithic things, so I guess I can cross-post them onto Facebook, where my friends can see just how brilliant I am, while I can insult them behind their backs here.