Soramimi on Youtube

I’m not usually privy to the goings-on of Youtube because the internet service at Berkeley is run by communists who block service to sites that have heavy demand (instead of upgrading their infrastructure) and also because Youtube is easily the ass of the internet if the internet were a person.

No longer from head to foot than from hip to hip: she is
spherical, like a globe: I could find out websites in her.

In what part of her body stands Youtube?

Marry, sir, in her buttocks; I found it out by the bogs.

Shakespeare, The Comedy of Errors.

But I found a chap called Buffalax funny. He takes foreign songs and subtitles them with English words that mimic the foreign sounds. The formal word to describe it is either “mondegreen” or “soramimi.” Both have interesting bits on wiki. When I first viewed his videos, it was 2 AM and I was not really in the right mentality to judge what things are funny to me, but I still think they have some merit, which is why I’m writing about him.

I first saw the “Benny Lava” one, but “Tunak Tunak Tun” has a Sikh guy with funny dance moves. Just based on the merits of the song, I think that Tunak Tunak Tun is better. Anyway, part of my interest in this is that he has references to Star Trek and other stuff, and so I can really relate. Also, his username “Buffalax” comes from Final Fantasy VI, which I also enjoyed for a few years during my youth.

One final tidbit. If you can understand the language that they’re singing in, you can look at the subtitles and hear them, but also if you don’t look at them, you can hear the original. Or at least I can. It depends on how fluent you are in the languages, I suppose. (I am no linguist.)


Aristotle’s Virtue

I feel that educated people should at least know Aristotle’s definition of virtue (arete, ἀρετή, in the Greek). This virtue is related to “goodness” and not to any sort of dictionary definition of virtue. The common reference is a knife; that which makes the knife good is its sharpness, and there exists some identical condition in man.

Virtue is a state that decides, consisting in a mean, relative to us, defined by reference to reason, to reason by reference to which intelligent people would define it. (Yes, a convoluted sentence structure, but it’s all there.)

That’s what virtue is, I believe from the Nicomachean Ethics.

Internet Explorer 8 is unpleasant.

So, when I bought this laptop, it came with Internet Explorer 6 and I installed Firefox 1.5. That was quite a few years ago, and the internet reached a point a while ago when neither of them would properly display Facebook or my e-mail. So I downloaded Internet Explorer 8. That was a mistake.

I chose the latest version of IE because I used IE 5 and 6, and they were both fast and stable. Firefox did some things better, like could block ads, download everything linked to a page, or open an IRC client. But it wasn’t great with stability and took a long time to load, so my hopes were on IE. That was a mistake.

Internet Explorer 8 was bloated, like hippopotamuses wrestling. It was dreadingly slow to load, way slower than Firefox 1.5. The GUI is complex in a way that holistically similar to the work of Kafka, and the stability is even worse. The primary complain is the surreal bug (or is it a feature?) that comes from crashing. IE will reload a tab which has crashed, leading it to crash again. It has an error reading something on a page, crashes, and reloads. This will only cause it to repeat the cycle. So it crashes forever and takes all your tabs with it. The main problem is that when it’s crashing, it eats up all of your CPU cycles and it just takes way too long to deal with anything. It will do this fairly often on sites with embedded videos, so Internet Explorer 8 is something that I don’t really recommend and I just use it for Facebook and not really anything else.

Susan Sontag wouldn’t appreciate my company.

Today, I remembered two things about myself:

1. I like to throw things at other things. I feel that this might be a primal urge. Anthropologists, take note.

2. Susan Sontag makes me feel stupid.

I would have posted a picture of Susan Sontag here, but there are no flattering pictures of Susan Sontag! All of her photographers emphasize the fact that she’s empowered, and by that I mean a bulldyke with nappy hair. It’s some sort of photographic typecast. For the same reasons, it’s hard to find a photo of Hitler when he’s not looking official, of Washington when he’s not gargantuan, or of Mao when he’s not smiling. Because after Lou Gehrig, Mao was the happiest man on Earth.


You see, they're smiling because smiles are contagious. But ALS isn't. Take that, Lou Gehrig!