Battlefront 2 is really bad.

Battlefront 2 sucks. A lot. Really hard.

It has geometry problems. Everything is made of rectangles, even curved surfaces, so bullets won’t pass through an invisible wall where the texture is curved away from the air but the rectangular wall is still there.

Head wobble. It gives me motion sickness. I can’t find a way to turn it off.

Bad AI. The kind that will run into walls. They’ll see you coming and ignore you. They’ll have no clue what’s firing at them even if it’s right in front of them. They’ll stand still for long periods of time. The snipers can’t snipe.

Explosions are weak. You can land a grenade right next to someone and they’ll take little damage.

Guns are even weaker. It takes something like 10 shots of the rifle to kill someone.

Guns have no recoil.

Can’t jump and fire at the same time. I guess they wanted to avoid people bunny hopping, but it’s too late because bunny hopping is in all of the other FPSs.

Bullets travel too slowly. This makes aim impossible at distance, and makes circlestrafing pointless. BF1 had the same problem.

The space combat is terrible. TERRIBLE. Like the air combat in BF1942, only worse. Like the space combat in UT2k4, only worse. Like the air combat in Battlefront 1, but worse. They had a reticule that was a very intuitive lock-on mechanism, and the took it away.

They kept a bunch of maps from the first game. Why not just make it an expansion pack then?

The loading screen is a loading screen instead of the cool zooming into the planet thing they had in Battlefront 1.

I can’t think of anything good that they did that wasn’t in BF1.

Instead of copying a shitty fps (BF1942), the devs should have copied Call of Duty.


Masteringphysics, you make me frown.

So, a lot of schools use MasteringPhysics, it’s this online homework where you have a bunch of questions each week, which is fairly typical as far as online homework goes. It makes it easier because then you don’t need graders to look over every homework problem and it saves money because you make the student pay for the access key to the software instead of having the school pay for graders. There’s a complete line in the series, MasteringBiology, Chemistry, etc.

So, MasteringPhysics has destroyed any appreciation of Physics I might have once had. The software has a number of issues:

– The questions ask for completely arbitrary numbers of significant digits in often sequential problems. You can get answers wrong for being too precise.

– Sometimes it will say, express your answer in terms of m, s, kg, N and any needed constants such as pi. sometimes this means, “use them all” and sometimes this means “use some of them.”

– If you miss a problem, sometimes it will give you feedback. Mostly, this is something benign, like “check your signs.” I don’t give a shit about my signs because the direction that I’m interested in is always positive to me. Otherwise, it’s something long, bizarre, and totally incomprehensible.

Thanks for the help, guys. Really got my back like that.

– Variables are case sensitive.

– Huge, monolithic equations.


– Random surprise calculus that you never learned in intro to calc.

– It will be intentionally vague. It will ask a question like, “What is the image distance for a lens that forms images at 5cm?” Well, I’m pretty sure the answer is -5cm, but it says 5cm right there, so what the fuck do you want me to type in?

– For most problems, they have “hints” which are often as bizarre and complex as the problem itself. You lose points for getting the hints wrong.

But I do reasonably well at MasteringPhysics because I google the answers, which are all over Yahoo Answers and Cramster.

I suppose it’s not that bad. I notice that in the classes where there is paper homework that is graded, I usually get terrible grades on it. I’m not sure if there’s any correlation, since my sample pool only comes from astronomy and statistics. Both classes were thoroughly unpleasant, so let’s just leave it at that. (I have a personal grievance with grading homework and assigning point values to it. You’re measuring how good someone is the first time they do something. It’s like judging someone on their biking ability the first time they get on a bike. It’s rather innocuous when it’s like, if you get most of the homework done, you’ll get the entire lump of credit, but when you grade homework, you turn it into something that must be absolutely perfect before it is completed.)

Anyway, I am really glad I finished my year of physics.