The Natures of my Instructors

My econ professor was a stealthdyke. She seemed normal (albeit rather manly, but so are many women in their 50’s) and she would never explicitly say that she was a lesbian, but every once in a while, she would decloak and fire weapons, like a Romulan starship. But instead of firing deadly plasma torpedoes, she’d relate typical lesbian stories about how she had a wife, or how she adopted a kid from overseas. Plus she wore men’s clothing and had short hair.

My TA for econ was a white chick from the south, really white trash looking but quite intelligent. She had a tattoo on her lower back of something that looked vaguely Celtic, a green rod pattern. I describe her as looking like she might have starred in really weird porn.

My ethics professor was a lawyer (or at least had graduated from law school) who’d gone to a string of top-notch universities. He was really young, but passionate and articulate.

My TA for ethics didn’t have a background in ethics so at times I could have taught better than she could have. Also, she tried correcting my grammar to ends that revealed a questionable command of the written English language. I thought she was cute, but I stood alone among my peers in that thought.

My toxicology professor was a wacky guy. He’s an MD/PhD who apparently chooses to give up a career in medical practice for a mid-level professor’s salary. He put people on the spot during class, so some people (the people who just memorize facts and regurgitate them onto a test) couldn’t handle it because he’d ask questions that were analytical and didn’t have answers that could be prepared out of a textbook. He wore bright-colored clothes and talked about his kids a lot. He was a pretty cool dude.

My toxicology TA was large and food-stained. She kept on talking about her cat. She was pretty knowledgeable about her subject area.

My pesticide professor was post-retiringly old. Didn’t lecture so well but the class was worthwhile, I guess. The TA was a normal guy.

My genetics professor was a guy who was really unkempt and looked like he ate at Subway a lot (wears a plaid shirt that was never in fashion, tucked it into his pants in the stairwell before class). His discussions of molecular biology and evolution were ok, but he talked about statistics a lot which I HATED. Let the stat professors teach it, they’re better at it. Stick to genetics. The genetics TA was a pretty bland and average person.


Life Update.

Archibald and the creepy weird guy (Steamboat?) moved out. Steamboat just packed up and left, silently exiting our lives just as silently as he entered them.

So now it’s me, Waffles, and two random quasi-Asian people who are pretty normal as far as Asians go. (They have a bunch of Asian friends, lead law-abiding lives as model citizens, etc.) They’re only here for the summer, so it’s not worth it to give them nicknames though.