I am better than…

… the girl who sat in front of me in a review section today. She was checking her latest post on tumblr. It was really idiotic, like comparing some microbiology terms to human relationships (parasitism, commensualism, etc). She had drawn pictures for it, in anime style.

Then she checked google adsense to look at the $.02 she had made that day, as well as a detailed tracker to track all of the three people who had visited her post. I’m not saying that I’m an awesome writer or anything, but at least I know when something is a hobby, yeah? I felt kind of sorry for her.


Codename Nutella

Codename Nutella is the person we got off of Craigslist. She’s really boring. She’s really serious about everything (sometimes her boyfriend is around and brings out the serious in her even more). All she talks about is what she can or cannot eat because of her weird digestion problems.

(Edit 25 March 2011, She’s an okay person, yeah a little on the boring side. We don’t have too much in common. Her boyfriend is basically superman. Her digestive problems are really interesting though. But if I had to choose over again between her and anyone else who we’d considered for the apartment, I’d choose her again.)