Minnesota was the first school to interview me, and accepted me before any other school gave me any sort of reply. This was good because it was sort of tied for first place on my list. The school that it was tied with rejected me, but I got interviews from every other school and turned them down. Except for USC.

So, it’s time for the pros and cons.

USC pros
– the interior was decorated nicely
– the main campus is nice
– the girls dress marginally better
– weather
– I have a few friends there.

USC cons
– the health science campus isn’t near the main campus and is in a shitter neighborhood than the main USC campus.
– it’s full of the type of asians that I already go to school with (few new experiences).
– the guy who interviewed me seemed like he hadn’t bothered to read my file and was kinda condescending
– it’s in a REALLY crappy neighborhood.
– it’s balls-out expensive
– the interview process didn’t include a tour of the campus or lunch. I didn’t drive across the damn state (and others didn’t fly across country) for a few minutes of conversation. If you wanted to do that, you might as well Skype your admits.
– they emphasize doing a buttload of crap like community service and student groups, which I do not want to do. I’ve done it already.
– touches mexico really hard. I don’t like Mexican food.
– I will NEED to drive a car. Public transit is unpleasant and unreliable. Sketchy.

Minnesota pros
– ranked higher
– the people there are nicer. the admissions people gave a shit. The guy who interviewed me had read my file and asked specific questions
– had a comprehensive information session
– good places to get food within walking distance to campus

– really easy to get the campus from airport. (good public transport)

Minnesota cons
– weather
– one of my classmates might attend. I always prefer fresh starts.
– it’s in the midwest and not really near anything
– people dress like it’s 2003. (flipside: I’ll always look really trendy).

At this point, I’m locked into Minnesota 99%.


A less-hectic debate

The nonreligious group did a panel thingy with a Christian group today. It was a dinner, then a panel (3 atheists, 3 theists), then a mingle.

It was really interesting because there were a bunch of high school kids who went to a private Christian school, and they were pretty much just normal kids except they were pressured into religion even if they weren’t religious. The panel was kind of lopsided as it was college students, including a grad student against high school seniors. They’d obviously been coached, but they still were pretty good. I think the high school students come here every year, I guess it’s always relevant to visit a college campus, but then they also get to see what REAL ATHEISTS are like, and both sides of the American divide get to see each other.

I met a young-earth creationist. He thought the Earth was created six thousand years ago.

Two Brief Thoughts

I always complain about not having any friends, but I don’t do anything to try and make friends. I’m pretty outwardly hostile and off-putting in real life. Well, up front, at least. I can get wacky if I’m comfortable.

Also, my only internship (which is from my high school years) I got through a casual email, so I guess I applied that pattern onto everything else I applied for these past three years at college. I never tried really hard to write a good cover letter or statement of purpose. This kind of backfired when it turned out that people actually cared about the quality of my writing, which is actually rather good when I give a damn.