A surprisingly fitting name

So the one-month subletter we have who I didn’t want to give a nickname, I’ll nickname her June. Because that’s when she lived with us. She had a crappy childhood. She grew up on a farm and her parents were not the best parents in the world.


Out! Out!

It was Waffles’s moveout day. He was being a massive dick the entire time. I don’t like being given orders from someone who has no right to give me orders. I’ve already done you a favor by arranging the transportation, the least you could do is not be an asshole the whole time.

Living with him has basically been hell for months.

Our new subletter is pretty cool.

Nutella moved out, but she found someone to take her room for a month. Apparently, a place for a month is in high demand, because people just wanna have a place from which they can find permanent housing. I’m not sure if I should devise a codename for her because I’m only going to be living with her for a month.

Anyway, she’s really awesome, a much better match for this whole living situation than Nutella was. She graduated from here a few years ago and came back for a job. She’s quirky and thinks ill of people and has a sense of humor. But at the same time, she kinda has the air of a transfer student, which is a different beast from the four-year student like myself. She doesn’t know what certain things are, she’s not really well read, she doesn’t follow news at all. I’m not saying all transfer students are like that, but this is a topic for another day.

Kinda wish we could live together for more than a month.