…and suddenly it hits me

Just now I considered that going into pharmacy could be the biggest mistake of my life. I know almost nothing about it, and don’t really give a damn about health care as a concept. And I don’t want to be a pharmacist. Maybe clinical or hospital, but something about being a monkey in a drugstore really bothers me.

But if you wait until you have all of the information to make a decision, you’ll never make one. And maybe I have the right attitude. Maybe the idealists with the rest of my class are the ones to have a rude awakening.

I wish I had a crystal ball.


Derpy Classmates

So, I’m in a Facebook group with a bunch of my classmates for grad school. They’re already buying  books (class isn’t until September) and it’s just like any other school where some of the “required” books aren’t really required. It’s an artifact of accounting so that kids who are on financial aid get money for the “required” books.

I did that the first semester of my freshman year of undergrad, and I soon became not retarded. You wait till class starts, and if the professor assigns problems out of the book, you buy it. If he’s just going to test you on his lecture, then don’t buy it. Frikkin scrubs.