School’s sucked so far and further commentaries on why I don’t like Dacia

The not liking Dacia part first. I don’t like her because she doesn’t use direct objects when she talks. It’s frustrating because then you have no clue what she’s talking about. She showed me a packet of papers like three yards away from me and she was like


I stared like a rabbit into the headlights of poorly expressed inane bullshit. My first thought was that she found some random papers that clearly weren’t mine based on the handwriting and name on the top of the paper, and she had assumed that it was mine and I had dropped it and was subsequently in dire need of its return. After being confused for a moment, she asks


Well, I don’t know what the box is and I don’t know what that paper is, so I’m going to go with no.



What? I’m someone who has a pretty good grasp of my personal and academic obligations, and I’m certain I haven’t omitted anything of the sort. By no means do I HAVE TO DROP, whatever that means.


Lab, now that’s something that I know exists. Now I know. She didn’t finish her assignment during classtime like everyone else because she’s really bad with computers, even simple things like searching for things on the web. I remember seeing her at the computer next to me, and she was halfway finished by the time I was completely done. Also she didn’t know how to get a popup ad off of the screen and called over the TA. Derp. So now she’s going back to turn her assignment in by dropping it in a box in the lab room.

“I turned it in the day of.”


Wow, you’re bad at communication. I should definitely blog about this.


Dear Diary,

I had two midterms today. You get the scores back the same day. I did quite poorly on both, but I’m going to challenge one (along with half the class). I know everything on Biochem. If  you grade me off, you’re wrong. I know everything. Whatever. Everyone I talked to did pretty bad as well, and from what I understand there’s no curve. But it doesn’t matter because we’ll just all not get residencies together after we graduate to languish and toil under the heavy harness of retail pharmacy and be complete shit at life. Or whatever. At this point I’m so afraid of retail pharmacy (basically being a Walgreens monkey) that I’ll go into a PhD program afterwards if I’m forced into it.

Also I got an “unacceptable” grade on my compounding lab, not for technique or calculations, but because I labeled something wrong. I don’t care though because I copied the girl next to me and also because everyone gets that grade on their first few labs. Grades aren’t that important or something. I’ll live. JK I’m hypercompetitive and now I get to channel my rage into the next exam.

xoxo gossip girl



Dacia knocked on my door and she was like HOW DO I USE MICROWAVE. That’s how she talks. With a really weird lisp and a weird inflection and a weird accent. She doesn’t express concepts or thoughts in a logical way. It’s like if aliens had studied humans and sent a bad copy of a human to live on Earth, that’s what she is.

So I can’t go show her at the moment because I’m gaming. When the game is in a bit of a lull, I run downstairs, but she figured it out in like 5 seconds because I heard it beep. The moral of this story is that she’s hella derp and annoys me. Also she laughs at her own jokes that aren’t funny.

Sticks does weird stuff in the bathroom.

Sticks mostly stays in his room doing who knows what. He claims to read a lot of tech news, and he probably does, but he’s in there for hours on end making no sound. Anyway, we’re the only guys so we share a bathroom. The only time I ever need it when he does is at like 2AM.

Whenever I go down there at 2AM, he’s in there with the light on but the fan off and it’s silent. I dunno what he’s doing in there, but it takes at least half an hour. Also I find bread crumbs on the little drawer thing in there, so I think he just sits on the toilet eating. For half an hour.

He’s really normal and nice, but something about his night activities is off.

Dacia more like Derp-cia

She just asked me why her printer wasn’t working. I went up and looked and she had three notifications hidden telling her to install drivers. I asked about them and she was like, “Do I have to install the drivers?” I gave a minor sigh and she handed me the CD and she was like, “This came with the printer.”

Well… yeah. Yeah, you do.

And then she came and asked me if she was supposed to allow changes to be made to her computer. She’s the only person I’ve ever met fundamentally confused enough about the world to let the Windows UAC scare her. The tone of her voice still really bothers me when she talks. She has this upward inflection that drives my inner linguist insane. Edit: She can’t figure out how to use a Swiffer Wetjet. Derp.

In other news, this really awkward girl from school who friended me before the semester started de-friended me. She dressed like a grandmother and also she was super skinny, like anorexia level skinny. And I think she has some terrible disease that might be related to her skinniness so I guess that’s excusable. Her boyfriend is this guy who looks slightly like a bulldog because his face is smooshed together about 10% too much. He’s really quiet and gives off the air that he hates me, but I recently found out that he was Russian, so that explains it. All the Russians I’ve ever met have been quiet, although none of them have given off a hostile air before. It may be related to the fact that Aspie and I (who have been sitting in the back of the classroom) decided to move to the front of the room. Aspie chose the seats that awkward girl and russian boyfriend typically sat in and I did the thing where we talked about them as if they weren’t in earshot. In retrospect, it may have sounded a bit like taunting because I wasn’t really thinking about what I was saying. I was mostly on autopilot because conversation with Aspie gets a bit… unfocused sometimes. I also used the words “enemies” and “frenemies” several times, and I think they may have taken me seriously (always a bad decision).

So I’ve made more enemies than friends so far, which is crappy.

Edit: She also defriended Aspie.  So apparently she thinks grad school is like high school, and two people who are so obviously dorks are now the mean girls. I have decided that she is the one with the improper worldview and the problem is hers and not ours.

A Day in the Life, 15 September 2011

Dear Diary,

Today I woke up at 7AM. I set my alarm incorrectly because I meant to wake up at 9AM. I slept poorly for another two hours and then got up for class. I wore my white coat which identifies me as a pharmacy student, which is required for lab. Today’s lab was compounding. I’d never done it before in my life, and it was just like, “Well, compound something now.” We had to use a torsion balance which is a manual balance basically like a set of scales and little metal weights. Like I’m an apothecary or some shit. They also had analytical balances, but we weren’t allowed to use them. I was okay at it, but they’re really sensitive. I have no clue how I did because they grade us on technique and final yield. (I compounded a fake hydrocortisone cream. It went well.) I wore my white coat to my other classes, even though nobody else did. I looked like a dick.

I had lunch with a random Asian guy, only he turned out to be an international student with really good English, so Mystique and I think that his parents are Chinese mining executives or something and his tuition money comes out of burning down African rainforests to be turned into strip mines. We went to a Viet/Thai place. It was real mediocre and not very authentic.

After my afternoon classes, I went home with the only friend I made so far who isn’t a roommate. He’s a little bit aspie and slightly rocks back and forth in class. Also he’s really into Starcraft. But he has proven to be useful in a social setting because he’s more outgoing so we team up to weird people out. I was at home for about an hour and caught up on some emails and took care of some administrative stuff. Aspie was also over and we nerded out for a while. Then Mystique and I went to a biochem review. The girl in front of me couldn’t draw the mirror image of some random molecule and somehow she still passed her undergrad ochem and biochem. Weird. Then Mystique and I left early. Aspie was at the review, but didn’t come with since he’d spent a lot of money on a parking spot and was low on funds.

We went to a mediocre Chinese place that was packed. That’s how Chinese people like their food: mediocre quality. The food took forever to come out (like Tom Cruise) because it was so damned full. Also we bumped into the random Asian guy I had lunch with. Mystique and I get along pretty well. We’re really similar, which is sort of sad on my part because she’s almost 30, female, and married. I guess that says something about me.


xoxo gossip girl

Comments on the living situation

So, it’s three floors and five rooms, and everything is the kind of place where as little as possible is in common, and everything is segregated into bins and the refrigerator is compartmentalized. Also Mystique put her initials on all of the food she had in the fridge because I think she has a touch of OCD. She claims that she didn’t want to eat anyone else’s food, which I guess is true, but it says something about yourself when you can’t remember what food you bought.

Namely it says that you lack even the basic sense of squirrels which can dig up nuts that they’ve previously buried.

So I’m not really into the whole “everything is segregated” bit, but I get it if you’re not living with your friends (at least at first).

Roommate update

Sticks is still cool. Hamburger Helper opened up a little bit. We had a week where she and Dacia didn’t really get along but they seem okay now. Dacia really annoys me (and probably HH as well) because she talks really aggressively, at least tone-wise. Also she’s bad at doing basic things and asks inane questions in class. And she talks about stuff a lot, like tangible objects. She talks about brand name goods as if they were representative of the entire class of good, which I HATE. It’s a retarded pet peeve, but I hate it when people refer to all mp3 players as ipods, etc.

Also she has a weird lisp.

Class is going fine.