Dacia more like Derp-cia

She just asked me why her printer wasn’t working. I went up and looked and she had three notifications hidden telling her to install drivers. I asked about them and she was like, “Do I have to install the drivers?” I gave a minor sigh and she handed me the CD and she was like, “This came with the printer.”

Well… yeah. Yeah, you do.

And then she came and asked me if she was supposed to allow changes to be made to her computer. She’s the only person I’ve ever met fundamentally confused enough about the world to let the Windows UAC scare her. The tone of her voice still really bothers me when she talks. She has this upward inflection that drives my inner linguist insane. Edit: She can’t figure out how to use a Swiffer Wetjet. Derp.

In other news, this really awkward girl from school who friended me before the semester started de-friended me. She dressed like a grandmother and also she was super skinny, like anorexia level skinny. And I think she has some terrible disease that might be related to her skinniness so I guess that’s excusable. Her boyfriend is this guy who looks slightly like a bulldog because his face is smooshed together about 10% too much. He’s really quiet and gives off the air that he hates me, but I recently found out that he was Russian, so that explains it. All the Russians I’ve ever met have been quiet, although none of them have given off a hostile air before. It may be related to the fact that Aspie and I (who have been sitting in the back of the classroom) decided to move to the front of the room. Aspie chose the seats that awkward girl and russian boyfriend typically sat in and I did the thing where we talked about them as if they weren’t in earshot. In retrospect, it may have sounded a bit like taunting because I wasn’t really thinking about what I was saying. I was mostly on autopilot because conversation with Aspie gets a bit… unfocused sometimes. I also used the words “enemies” and “frenemies” several times, and I think they may have taken me seriously (always a bad decision).

So I’ve made more enemies than friends so far, which is crappy.

Edit: She also defriended Aspie.  So apparently she thinks grad school is like high school, and two people who are so obviously dorks are now the mean girls. I have decided that she is the one with the improper worldview and the problem is hers and not ours.


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