A popular question

I went out on the 26th to hang out with some high school friends. I was asked twice independently whether I was in a relationship. Both were from heavily religious Asian girls, in a non-hitting-on-me kind of way, and I’m never quite sure what people expect to get out of that question. When I’m feeling catty, I give the “Why? You offering?” but mostly at this point I just go “No. Why?” and give kind of a creeped out look.

Also this hasn’t happened in a while, but people used to go, “Have you ever had a girlfriend?” That question is the most unkindest cut of all.

So the take home message is don’t ask those questions because they’re insulting and stuff. Whatever.



Dental students are weird people.

I met a dental student while studying for finals. She showed me her biochem test. She was taking a class in the biochem department and it was multiple choice and really easy and 85% was an A. And here I was studying for biochem having to memorize a bunch of random transcription factors and antibiotics for a test that had a bunch of short/long answer But other parts of her curriculum are hard. Well, maybe not hard depending on what you like, but she has to draw teeth and carve teeth out of soap and stuff. She was studying for Oral Anatomy. I can only imagine that’s a class about really inanely named bullshit in the head.

An incoherent description of an incoherent day

Yesterday was the last final of the semester. Biochemistry. It went okay.

A bunch of people went to a bar afterwards. A lot of people stopped in for a drink and left quickly. Maybe 15 or so people me included were left after two hours and we went to another bar.

I had a drunk friend (well, facebook classmate) tell me that she admired me. Great. She’s some random married thirty-three year old woman and was quite drunk but I could tell that she in general had a positive opinion of me. That’s great, I guess. I could always use more admiration. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard something like this from just random females who think that I’m like Martin Luther King, Jr or something. Like I’m a civil rights leader and I have great courage and I somehow stand out with my hollow rhetoric trampling down the mountain like a wolf on the fold. So I have the admiration of my peers or something, but I really don’t know what laurels that would earn me (or even if that in itself is a laurel if I do not necessarily think it so. Is it subjective to the beholder, the beholdee, or an outside party? Is it? IS IT?!?!).

It was fun because I met a lot of people who I hadn’t really talked to before. Drunk admiring facebook-friend status classmate is good friends with the class rep (some random guy who others like personally, one of those “good with people” alpha types who legitimately are good with people, but also have a bit of an asshole streak to them. Also he’s like 30 and married and has dogs with his wife. He has impressive facial hair and a build where you can tell he works out, but not to a point where he’s increased the size of certain muscles to freakish proportions. He had a bit about how

It was also interesting meeting a bunch of people whom I hadn’t talked to but had seen every day for the last three months. People who I thought would be cold, distant, and self-interested were in fact really nice. Other people had stereotypes reaffirmed. I guess I’ll talk about some of my classmates.

There’s this one girl who’s nice to a disgusting degree. I used to run a triviabot on IRC, and you could write scripts for the bot to greet people and be nice to them. I could basically write a three kilobyte text document to run as a script that would copy her personality exactly. She went to Catholic school and doesn’t understand any sex jokes. And she always writes people nice messages and shit. It’s icky. Other people feel this way as well.

There’s this other girl who has a dramatic variance in physical appearance. (Warning: gender-normative discussion follows.) On some days she looks amazing, like 9/10. But then on some days she’s wearing very little makeup and she’s wearing sweats and she makes really weird faces when she’s talking and it’s like, yikes. 3/10. She has a large standard deviation.

Actually I don’t really care too much to talk to anyone else. Oh, there’s this one girl who dresses really well every day and it’s nice that she’s trying. I admire that.

Outtakes from Studying

People with type I diabetes are just like people with type II diabetes except people with type I diabetes can still get into heaven.

JFK had Addison’s disease, which in addition to its traditional symptoms, makes you a bad president.

During graduation, we’ll be like, “Remember when professor ____ used to teach here?”

State capitals are pretty similar

I went to St Paul with my international friend because neither of us have anything to do on the weekends. It reminded me a lot of Sacramento. A lot of big chain restaurants and stuff. We took the bus there and walked around a bit and it was like 25 degrees out, but whatever. There’s also a river there, and it’s fine. There was some ice on the river.

a DISASTER of a post-house meeting

So, 3 AM this morning / last night, Hamburger Helper walked into the girls bathroom. I had turned out my lights 10 minutes before and Mystique had been asleep for some time. Sticks was in his room probably just studying or something. She locks the door and then starts playing music with her phone. Not out of earphones, out of the phone’s speaker. Then she starts singing along to it. Normally she can take a shower with the fan on and it won’t be loud enough to bother me. But this started bothering me. I turned over on my side to face away from the door, but it was still annoying. I was close to falling asleep anyway and I didn’t think that she could keep up singing for very long because most people can’t.

Mystique starts banging on the wall. HH ignores it. It kinda sounds from my room like she’s knocking softer near my door (instead of loudly far away from my door) so I go, “Is that my door?” Nobody responds but the knocking continues.

Then after a minute of banging against the wall, she loudly says something like, “HH stop singing.”

At about this time Sticks comes out of his room and knocks on the bathroom door. He goes, “HH, really? This is really juvenile.” Then he bangs loudly on the bathroom door, increasing in strength. Eventually HH goes “What?” like nothing was happening. She goes up the stairs and Sticks follows her with, “Geez, what’s wrong with you?” I then hear some heavy footsteps like they were getting physical, and then Sticks goes, “Frikkin A, what was that for?” Apparently she had slammed her door into his hand. He bangs really loudly on her door for like two minutes, then goes downstairs. He went to go get ice for his hand.


PS she is not a good singer.