Dacia derps again

So I was sitting in my room and she came  down to ask me how to reset the fuse. I had a vague notion of what she meant because the circuit breaker in a house is kind of like a fuse and the breaker in this house tends to be sensitive. So I ask her what the problem is and she says that the washing machine wasn’t working. I asked if she had any idea whether the problem was the fact that the washing machine stopped working by itself rather than an entire area in the house not having power, which I knew was wrong because the lights downstairs were on, indicating that the power was still on.

So I go to the circuit breaker and everything is normal. But she claims that the washing machine stopped in the middle of a cycle, and upon visual inspection, the knob did indicate it was in the middle of a cycle.

I press the start button on the dryer and it functions normally. I then start the washing machine and it started normally. She melodramatically pretended to be impressed with me. I stone-faced responded with “no problem”. She’s fucking retarded. She didn’t even try to fix it herself. She didn’t even go as far as to restart it, like rebooting a computer. I can’t wait until we stop living together.



So, there’s this youtube video of a Ugandan preacher talking about how bad homosexuals were and gave a myopic caricature of the homosexual lifestyle.

See? Great. My homies back in California all saw that video and I would make that fisting gesture that the good preacher did and it was all a great laugh. Well, last semester, I made the gesture in class a few times to groups that included both guys and girls. I hadn’t even considered a problem I realized recently: girls might be reminded of another type of fisting. I sat in the lounge and talked with an African female who had seen the video, and she sympathized with me a bit. Aspie was there too, and they both kind of laughed at me. We had a loud conversation about fisting and we’re pretty certain a bunch of other people heard us.


Apparently I’m an asshole

So Aspie and I were talking during lunch, and then the pregnant girl in our class (4 months, might have smoked cigarettes the first month) sits down with some of her friends and she goes “OMG AF I’M COOL WITH YOU BUT OTHER PEOPLE THINK YOU’RE AN ASSHOLE”. I asked for an example, and she talks about this one girl who apparently was hurt when I made a snide remark about her eating habits. Apparently she had dietary problems for some disease.

I had no idea what she was talking about, but five minutes later I remember that I was talking to my frenemy last semester and I casually remarked something like, “Every time I see you, you’re always drinking soda.” It’s true. She’s always drinking diet coke. My hypothesis is that she has some terrible disease of which carbonated water is palliative, which I know is a thing because a guy in my high school missed a semester because of it. She might have taken that comment as a critique which I actually didn’t mean as a critique but just as a comment because she downs a ton of soda all the time. But it’s kind of a low SES thing to drink a lot of soda,  which might be why she is sensitive? She’s a pretty sensitive person in general but I like to think we get along mostly.

I can’t think of anyone else I critiqued the dining habits of, although my memory of random comments with everyone I’ve ever talked to is certainly spotty.

I knew this girl in high school

I didn’t know her that well because when she added me on Facebook about a year ago. I didn’t quite remember her face, but I knew that she’d gone out with some other mere acquaintance I had in high school, so I tentatively accepted. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt before I decide that we can’t be friends.

I told Waffles about her because he knew her better than I did. He told me information which was not to be repeated, that she and her high school boyfriend had an orgy with another couple I knew from high school. They had a four person orgy, two guys and two girls.  One of the guys involved informed Waffles and disclaimed that it was the most awkward thing he’d ever done.  So yeah.  Orgies.

Well, turns out she’s super religious and simple. She once posted a picture from an airplane of a sunlight reflecting off some clouds with the caption expressing disbelief that some people didn’t believe in god. I really hate how religious people go from beauty in the natural world to the specific existence of Yahweh, the Judeo-Christian god. What a bizarre cognitive leap.

She also recently posted a pro-Gingrich status which is simply disheartening because no amount of pro-Gingrich propaganda should be able to convince an attentive citizen of anything other than his lizardry.

Flying out of California…

My travels went well, until I got to Minnesota. When I landed at MSP, I really needed to pee. I passed two bathrooms, but they were surrounded by people and I didn’t want to have to deal with a line and a ton of people in the bathroom. It’s just… ugh. Privacy, plz. So I remember that there was a nice secluded bathroom near the baggage claim, but I was walking to the light rail, away from the baggage claim. No problem, I thought. I’m sure there’s another bathroom between here and the light rail.

IT TURNS OUT THERE WASN’T. So I’m on the light rail, and I’m looking out the windows thinking, “If I really need to go, I’ll just get off at the next stop and go. Or else I can wait and get off at the Metrodome and pee at HCMC.” My mentor last semester worked at HCMC, and I had my school ID with me so it was at least plausible that I was visiting the hospital for some other reason than going to the bathroom. Also I had my rolly carry-on with me so it looked funny to be walking around a hospital. But I survived the train ride and walked one block to HCMC. This also resulted in my hands fucking freezing because it was like 12 degrees F and I didn’t have gloves. I couldn’t keep my hands in my pockets because I needed to pull my rolly luggage with one hand, so I’d trade off my hands every half block but that still resulted in my hands fucking freezing. So I pee, get on the bus to head across the river, and I get off and walk back to my house… and I have to go three blocks with my hands FUCKING FREEZING. I got two blocks when I couldn’t take it anymore, so I tried to hold the luggage in both hands while still in the pockets, which worked but then I couldn’t walk very well because the bag kept hitting my leg. By the time I got home I couldn’t actually feel either of my hands but I wasn’t frostbitten or anything.

Class starts tomorrow. Sigh.