Why I like my west coast friends better than Minnesota people

Today the Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Healthcare Act, and a lot of my friends posted about how great it was. And I was dicking around on Facebook and I quickly realized that everyone on Facebook who was interesting was from the west coast.It’s stranger than that even, because all of my MN friends are pharmacy students so it’s actually information that’s relevant to their profession, kind of.

MN youth are less aware of the world and less interesting people in general. Maybe it’s because I went to Berkeley and MN people went shitty schools in MN.


Two HS Friends

I randomly contacted a high school friend a few day ago to meet up. I hadn’t seen him in years. Out of high school he applied to college and enrolled at I think Cal Poly but he decided he couldn’t go or something but he still had to pay off tuition or something dumb like that. Anyway, he’s in the hole a five-digit amount of money for almost no reason. Also he has to deal with his crazy family and work full time as a pharm tech. He hadn’t scraped too many units together at community college so now he’s languishing in retail sales.

Another guy graduated from UCLA in English. He’s into creative lit so he writes poems and stuff. He moved to New York after college to find a job in English or something, but it didn’t really work out and he moved back to California recently. His family is also a mess. They watch Fox News and his brother dropped out of SJ State to join the army. He really regrets his decision because now he doesn’t have a job, and he’s actually pretty good at writing, he’s won poetry competitions. He had a girlfriend and from their facebook photos and stuff they looked like a nice couple, but apparently she was completely insane. She deleted all his female facebook friends and his phone contacts. She threatened to kill herself and him and his family if he broke up with her. He told a story about how she tried to jump in front of a bus so a cop came and noticed that my friend had scratches on his face because she fought with him, so she was taken into a psych ward. She was also a poet. Lesson learned, never date a poet.

Also UCLA guy and I went to the beach to fly my kite. I always get really bored of flying my kite within two minutes of flying the kite. Everyone looks at you when you fly a kite. It’s like having a dog, but in the sky and also better because dogs are horrible.

Night church and Mormons

I drove two friends to Monterey today. I’ve been driving recently because I have the two cars because my parents are out on vaycaycay. Josh and I tried to get into contact with a high school friend but she was like, “I can’t, I’m at church.” It was 6 pm. I was like, “The have night church?” and she was like “Yeah.” She’s really religious now. She got into Berkeley but turned it down to go to Santa Barbara with her boyfriend. She got really religious there and left her boyfriend to be with god or whatever. Anyway, we called her and she was at night chuch.

Also shortly thereafter we bumped into two of those mormons with the white shirts and slim black ties who look like they’re from 1960.

What I accomplish…

Without gaming, over the course of a weekend I read half a year’s worth of Time magazine (my parents subscribe, I’m more of a New Yorker kinda guy) the first section of Nietzsche’s The Genealogy of Morals, and a book called The Dictator’s Handbook about “selectorate theory” which I borrowed/stole that from one of Waffles’s current roommates who just graduated poly sci.

So my summer reading is off to a good start. I’ll probably read more this year. And write more. But it’s like, people who studied lit and have MFAs are all writing, but they’re not good at it either, so it’s like why should I be good at it? I’ve described it like, I’m good at everything to the 85% level, like I can get a B in any class in any undergraduate field. But nobody needs someone who can take integrals and write an essay on Shakespeare.

This is a shitty blog post.