More on Hamburger Helper being a passive aggressive psychopath

While I was in California, Sticks and HH were alone. He used the girl’s bathroom at night once because it’s on the same floor as his room, so he doesn’t have to trudge downstairs. Then HH went to a hardware store, bought a doorknob with a lock/key and locked the bathroom without even speaking to him. I occasionally used the mirror in there to tie my tie, but whatever.
Also when I came back she hid all the plates. Sticks bought his own paper plates. I managed to scavenge a plate from underneath the tupperware and seeing that her plan was foiled, she then hid all the pots. Granted they were probably hers to begin with, but if you don’t want me to use your pots, just come tell me to my face and I’ll stop using them. I dunno, maybe she’s using them for something in her room like to collect all of her urine or something.

It really sucks living with someone like her, which is probably why nobody wants to live with her, not even crazy bitch Dacia.
Edit: Also she’s been having sex real loud apparently. It disturbed Sticks. Maybe she wanted to disturb Sticks. Maybe she started trying anal. I dunno. I haven’t heard her have sex recently and I haven’t seen her boyfriend around at all lately.


Ow, my ankle.

I have today off from my rotation, but I work for the next 7 days straight because pharmacists work on the weekend or whatever.  Yesterday at home I was running up the stairs and I guess I didn’t quite stick a landing because I twisted my right ankle, but not too badly. The big muscle-y part on the top of your foot to the side that slopes down has a bruise on it. It hurt like hell when it happened., like a 8.5/10 (for reference a root canal is 7/10). I can still walk, but it kinda sucks. It’s going to make my rotation suck balls.

Weird anatomical thing: I can walk fine on my tiptoes so I guess that motion doesn’t use that muscle/tendon.

First day of rotation

It was awful. My car won’t be here till the 30th, and the bus takes two hours each way. My preceptor just made me fill the whole time. That means counting pills. I did it. It’s not so hard. Literally you just read the name and strength of a drug off a computer screen, go get it, fill the prescription bottle, put the label on it, and put it in a box for the pharmacist. They have so many automatic safeguards in the computer that it’s basically impossible to give the wrong thing. As I sat at the  bus stop in my white coat, the whole time I just thought “I went to Berkeley for this?”

Also it’s consistently 90 in my room even at night, so that’s awful.

In other news, I bumped into a classmate on the bus and she didn’t know what the distinction red state/blue state meant. Ladies, you automatically become undesirable if you’re stupid beyond words.

I guess I should write something.

The California part of my vacation is just about over. It wasn’t even really vacation, I just couldn’t find a job or anything. I fly out on the 16th, 9 pm to 4 am. Josh critiqued my choice to save money and take the redeye, but I actually chose this flight among many other normal flights all at approximately the same price. I’ve never taken a shitty flight like that, and I’m kinda interested to see how it is. Having a miserable time traveling is something that all sorts of boring normal people like to relate to.

Long discussions of travel are sort of like admissions that your life is boring and only when you do atypical things are you interesting.

I don’t really like the idea of going back to Minnesota for a ton of reasons, maybe I’ll write about those later but they’re really sad.


On the purchase of a vehicle

I’m taking the Camry to Minnesota, so my parents needed to buy a new car. They wanted something that all four of us could fit in, so they could have bought another Camry. I recommended a Prius C because I like the environment and it’s enough to drive. My dad recommended a small SUV like a Toyota RAV4 or Honda CRV.

My mom wanted a V6 though, because she felt that 4 cylinders wasn’t enough power. She was not flexible on this issue. So my dad and I looked around the internet. I found a V6 RAV4 going for like $25k. My dad found a V6 Toyota Highlander going for $28k. They went to the dealership in San Jose and bought the Highlander.

I drove the Camry back to Monterey. My mom didn’t want to ride with me because she didn’t want to die because I’m a terrible driver or something.

My little brother found out how much my parents make when my parents were doing the paperwork. He remarked that they made way too much. I was younger when I found out. They’d tried to trick me when I was in 4th grade because I found a paycheck for like $2000 that must have been not for a full 2 weeks, but I thought people were paid monthly so I really extrapolated incorrectly. Kids are dumb, but so are adults when they buy unnecessarily large cars.