Professors get nervous too

I’m super busy so just a little bit I guess. A few days ago an older professor was like, “you guys are a lot nicer than in the dream I had about you.” She revealed that she was always really nervous before she gives exams even though she’s been doing it for years. Everyone in lab is super stressed out because it’s a high-stress environment where you can get marked off (ie you can fail that particular lab session) for making the smallest and tiniest of errors. The TA there revealed that she felt terrible whenever she had to mark people off for little errors.


I guess everyone is nervous that other people don’t like them.


New Roommates

I’ve already talked about peasant girl, but I’ll just continue that I found out that she was the president of the multicultural student club here the day after I talked shit about how multiculturalism is entirely useless to her face. She made no attempt to defend multiculturalism at all, so she’s probably not a very good president of the club.

Another roommate is real quiet. He’s still an undergrad, but he’s an electrical engineering major who’s intended pre-med, so you just know that he has his shit together. I’ve barely said two words to him since he moved in, but he seems chill.

The incoming pharmacy student is pretty cool, he’s like six feet four and buff and moderately attractive and smart, so it’s strange that he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He cut carbs out of his diet. Maybe he’s gay. Hopefully he has some character fault or else it’s just not fair to society. He’s still in that honeymoon phase where he thinks that studying and reading the textbook is worth a damn thing. He’s not cynical yet.