Fuck Altruism

This year we’re forced to do 12 hours of altruistic work because… I dunno. Schools seem into it, don’t they?

I did my first bit yesterday. I signed up the health fair the night before at midnight. The health fair was held at a Baptist church, which meant that everyone at the church was black. They also had a mural of Jesus, but he was black and he had long braided hair. He looked kind of like Andre 3000.

A lot of poor black people are fat and have shitty cholesterol. Also it’s true about their age, you can never tell how old they are. Also their churches are loud.

That’s all.


Retarded TAs

Going to a good school means that you’re generally confident that your TAs know more than you do and that even if they occasionally have some bad qualities, most of them had redeeming qualities. Going to a mediocre school means that many of your TAs are retarded. For my biostats class, I have a TA who might legitimately be a functional illiterate. Like, I have a mental image that she’s at a bus stop going through the assignments and reading mine but not knowing what the words mean and trying poorly to sound them out. Then she looks at the bus schedule but she can’t read the bus schedule so she’s sad and angry and takes the feeling out on the assignments.
I don’t want to say that she’s worse than the holocaust, but she’s not better than the holocaust. The holocaust caused more total human suffering, but the TA is more aesthetically and intellectually offensive so the comparison balances out. She’ll probably die soon because ugly people die if you hate them enough.


Also fuck Mindy Kaling. The more I see her in commercials, the more she is ugly and unfunny.