On Capote

Truman Capote is sort of interesting as a character, tailed along by Harper Lee like a superhero duo. I recently watched Capote (well, most of it. it was kind of boring.) Famous people know each other sometimes unrelated to how they became famous, so that’s interesting.

Capote is super gay, and he writes about a subject that is somber yet still somehow tedious. People sometimes kill people, not worth writing home about.

He plans a trip with his lesser known gay fuckbuddy and they talk about going to Europe where they can write and fuck without heterosexual distraction. I think that would be kind of fun, chilling in a villa in a Catholic country for a summer largely without distraction where I could just write or something. But somehow I get the feeling that I won’t be able to do that with my future lifestyle because science doesn’t really do that anymore.

Also it would be kind of fun to go around with a sidekick and do non-gay stuff as you travel around the country.


I don’t like being copied

My autistic friend Aspie likes to copy me because he’s autistic. He would buy the same video games that I was playing. Like, he tried to play the same video games that I would play, and he only stopped when I started playing Star Trek Online because STO is so complex and cumbersome that mere plebes can’t keep up with it.

I hate it when people copy me. I know that some bleedthrough occurs whenever you’re in a social group. Like, girls synchronize their periods apparently, but maybe the autistic ones do it more. But repeatedly copying me is fucking not okay. It’s not even flattering, it’s like being followed by someone dumber and worse read.

He also saw me reading The Atlantic in class so he started reading it. What the fuck.

I went to another health fair

The preceptor there was my TA for lab and also for this community patient thing we do. She’s really cool. She’s really just awful at putting on makeup, like last lab she had mascara smeared and splotched on her eye shadow. Her skin tone was really uneven, like her forehead was pale and her face was spraytanned, but she looked like she used the same foundation on both. Like, she bought foundation for her fair skin, then went tanning with her bangs down so her forehead was pale, and then the morning of my lab she put on her pale foundation and so she looked like she was having a makeup disaster that day. Also her eyebrows are just at the right level so that their 3D appearance is broken up the reverse countershading and they’re already really pale because she’s blonde so you can barely see them.


But she’s like my fave TA this semester because she shows imperfection and vulnerability, like she’s not perfect which is hard for the TAs to pull off because they have the answer keys. Also I like to see that other people don’t have it all together.

Some girls are attractive because they’re imperfect. Perfection isn’t something that you’d want in a partner. They would have everything planned out just so and everything would be neat and clean. Your life would have less life; your life would be less of a life and more fait accompli. Everything is planned and ready and the ripe fruit just hangs on the tree. Perfection is something you’d want in a secretary or in paperwork.


Edit: Oh, also the health fair. It was at the same baptist church, but on Sunday morning. Turns out Baptists love to sing all the time. The choir wasn’t so good. I was expecting Ladysmith Black Mambazo, but only amateur hour showed up. I guess it turns out that not all Africans can feel the primal beat of music or whatever. I took a lot of blood pressures. Well, not a lot. Like fifteen max. Turns out that middle aged black people have awful blood pressure and they take meds for it. I couldn’t get a reading on one lady, and the preceptor was like, go higher. I usually stop at 150. The lady was in hypertensive crisis, like 190/100. My preceptor got clued in because the lady was taking clonidine and like four other BP meds, which has to be like fourth or fifth line for hypertension. I don’t remember if it was the same lady who had super bloodshot eyes, but she was hella fucked up from high blood pressure. And she just got up and left and I was thinking that her organs were probably getting fucked up and she’s probably getting glaucoma and she’ll probably have serious shit happen in a year or two if she doesn’t get that blood pressure under control because 190 is not an okay BP.