Brief thoughts on two people from lab

One of them is an undergrad working there for credits. She lived with her parents all four years of undergrad, and her parents control her entire life. She wasn’t allowed to go out to parties or join activities that didn’t directly benefit her academically. So basically her parents are retarded and don’t understand why college exists, but being a shitty parent isn’t illegal so too bad. The whole time she was telling me this, I thought that she must be defective in some way. I don’t understand how normal people could be grown adults and live under the micromanagement of their parents. The most adventurous thing she’d done was sneak to a football game with her sister even though they were punished for it afterwards.

A few days ago this neurotic Catholic girl who fundamentally doesn’t understand people asked me why my international student friend didn’t seem to be interested at all in Asian girls. I replied that Asian girls were boring as hell, and the one girl she was specifically referring to was so boring as to be impossible to talk to her. They have literally no interests outside of school. They aren’t even familiar with pop culture. So my lab undergrad acquaintance is the first person I thought of when I thought of why Asian girls are awful. They’re boring and goody two-shoes and don’t challenge authority. You’d be going out with a hall monitor.

Also the grad student I work with is pretty cool. He’s like religious, like he volunteers at his church every week and he has extracts from Proverbs taped up to his desk. So that’s weird. Also he’s the first person in his family to go to college, so that’s also kind of interesting because he’s in grad school now. He has siblings but they’re not really college bound. His parents fundamentally don’t understand what grad school is, so it must be strange to attempt to relay it to them. Like, obviously they don’t know what college is like, so they must really have no idea how grad school even works or why it exists. But yeah he listens to hard rock like Korn and stuff, bands I thought broke up sometime when I was in high school.