I know it’s anecdotal, but still

I was talking with a few other students who had all gone to college, and one of them was talking about smoking pot. Five of us and it turns out that three hadn’t ever tried. I at least tried and I didn’t really feel anything. The last person had smoked three times in his life. So it turns out that we’re all a bunch of big softies and really lame or something.



The grad student I’m assigned to in my lab is moving to a different bench because someone else graduated so he has more space for glassware and stuff. The postdoc came in to tell me, and then he’s like, “Are you ready to move?”

And this being a lab full of people who tease each other like a bunch of grad students who jostle each other for fun, I shouted at him MY BODY IS READY.

Just at the moment, the professor walked by and said, “I don’t wanna know what your body is ready for.” I felt like an idiot, but luckily the professor has a good sense of humor and apparently other people have said way worse shit than that, so I’m okay.


It’s an internet meme. It’s also kind of a shibboleth. One person says PREPARE YOUR BODY and the other replies MY BODY IS READY.

Stuff I said to the cute girl sitting across from me at Southpaw

“It’s time for a second holocaust, starring me as Hitler.”

“Dumb people are statistically uglier than smart people.”

“If I meant the stuff I said, I’d be a crazy racist genocidal monster.”

[referring to people outside in the Mission] “They’re rabble that you have to scrape off the bottoms of your shoes… I would raise an army and drive them out by the point of my bayonet.”


Females in gaming

I have a slight diatribe about females in gaming. Some months ago, some buzz was generated about how female gamers wanted to be more empowered or whatever, like they wanted to fight the patriarchal system. Females weren’t really involved in the development of video games (or in the consumption of video games) and they felt marginalized.

I know that there’s the tension of playing games as a girl, you talk to people in game using voicechat, and people immediately know you’re female and harass you and say unkind things. But that’s not a problem exclusive to females because I’ve heard (and have myself said) plenty of racist and angry speech directed at all segments of society. But yeah females get the short end of the stick because the games are catered to males.

And so now they’re organizing and pushing for something, I dunno what. I don’t really get what there is to complain about. Just play the games.

A tangentially related issue is with the image of the female nerd, that they’re insincere and not true nerds, that beta males have carved out certain spaces for themselves and women enter not because they’re interested in whatever subculture but because they want attention from a vast quantity of males of dubious quality. The biggest marker of this are the 4/10 girls who aren’t nerds most of the year and dress up in costumes and go to comicon. And that’s the argument and it’s a little bit of a straw man but I agree with the underlying premise that most guy nerds are legitimately nerds who like the subculture and a large demographic of females who play games only do it for the appearance of having done so and not for that end in itself. The teleological basis for females in gaming is external appearance and advertisement of the fact that they’re involved in gaming. For males, the activity is an end in itself, and the appearance of having played the game is irrelevant.

Another clue, you never see females very deep in the subculture. They may have experience playing the blockbuster games, Call of Duty, Team Fortress, etc, but I’ve never heard of any girls who’ve played Hearts of Iron or Der Langrisser.

But I try not to say this stuff out loud because you get shut down by a remarkably antagonistic crowd that invariably lacks significant involvement in the gaming experience. Whatever. Just play the games.