Guys like girls with really big neuroses

I went volunteering today, blood pressure stuff at a church filled with black people. I’ve written about it before, it’s pretty underwhelming unless you want to meet a bunch of black people with high blood pressure. It’s all going normally, there are four of us although I drove Aspie there and he brought neither his white coat nor his stethoscope nor anything else that showed even remote preparation, so he couldn’t actually take any blood pressures. He ended up just doing paperwork while I did the blood pressures. Also my blood pressure cuff (sphygmomanometer) didn’t quite fit on some of their arms because they’re physically fat and large people.

As we’re leaving, they invite us to have some of their food, which is laid out buffet style. I wasn’t going to eat anything because it didn’t look too good, but then they had salmon (albeit overseasoned and covered in some sort of cream-based sauce) so I had some. So it was me and Aspie and a ginger girl (unattractive) and a quiet short girl (moderately attractive). I hadn’t ever heard the quiet short girl talk, but she was responding to small talk well enough. Also she takes blood pressures competently.

So me and Aspie and unattractive ginger go get food, and we take it back to the blood pressure room, and we eat as quiet girl looks on. Unattractive ginger tries to talk her into getting food several times, but otherwise we have a fairly normal conversation about school and stuff. Then the ginger tries to food pressure the quiet girl some more. Then the girls make full on eye contact with each other for a good seven seconds while Aspie and I look on confused, like something was happening — it was that girl communication where they look at each other and somehow know what the other person thinks. And then quiet girl says something like, “I don’t really want to eat food that a hundred people have breathed all over” as three of us eat that very same food.

Maybe it was a racial thing, like she didn’t want to eat black people food. Or maybe she has a dietary thing. I get the whole not wanting to eat low SES food, it’s not about all the people who have talked while getting their food that isn’t protected with a sneeze guard. It’s heated so it’s not contaminated with bacteria or whatever. But it’s unclean. It’s not dirty, but it’s unclean. The same reason I don’t let other people use my stethoscope. Unclean. But when she said that with her crazy eyes, she immediately got several times more attractive because I guess I’m into chicks with massive neuroses I guess.


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