The Drudge Report

So two things about the pale Catholic girl in my class. She went to Catholic school and it turns out that going to Catholic school really fucks you up. She wasn’t allowed to read Harry Potter. Also the one and only day they had sex ed, the teachers told them just two things —  your husband will teach you about sex, and also wipe front to back. So Catholic school is really great if you want to fuck up your kids.

So today she was reading a bizarre news article off her laptop, so I was like, “what site are you reading?” And it turns out she was reading Fox News. Then I tell her that it wasn’t a good source of news, and she seemed surprised. I asked her what else she read, and she said that she read The Drudge Report because in Catholic school they told her that it was the most moderate and reliable source of news. I laughed in her face.

Also later Aspie and I were arguing as usual, and he didn’t know that the Federal government regulated interstate commerce. He also had never heard of the commerce clause of the constitution. I know kindergarteners taking BABBY’S FIRST CIVICS CLASS who know that.


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