weird hmong cuisine

I went to the grocery store and I was trapped between two Hmong women. You could tell they were Hmong because they were like 4’10 and dark Asian. They were both purchasing mass quantities of Johnsonville breakfast sausages and Capri Sun. Like, carts full of the stuff. They also had stacks of coupons for them, so I’m guessing they were super cheap. But that doesn’t really excuse eating a ton of shitty food.


fucking low class immigrants, man. they don’t know how to eat real food.


Not wanting to be a pharmacist

So in my lab, there are some undergraduates, and most of them want to go to pharmacy school. I tried to talk them out of it as that’s where I am and it sucks. The problem is that they don’t have exposure to the other side of the experience where it really sucks. Two of them have actually gone off to pharm school, but one of them is going into her senior year and I’ve just about talked her out of it. I think she’s on course for grad school which IMO fits her better because she’s kind of a hipster. Anyway, it’s nice to talk someone out of pharm school. It’s like selling your first painting.

There’s also a girl who’s entering her junior year but I don’t think I’ll be able to talk her out of pharm school because she doesn’t seem to like me very much. She’s kind of weird for a regular white girl with potatoface.

Anyway, today I had training for MS — mass spectrometry which is actually really easy to understand. You shoot your compound into the machine, and it sprays it with voltage which gives it electrical charge, and then the machines sends it around a giant magnet, and where it lands tells you m/z — mass over charge. The trajectory of a higher mass in a vacuum subjected to a constant magnetic force is less affected by the magnet, so you can differentiate masses in your sample, and it effectively tells you what molecular weight your compound is.

At the training, I saw the TA for my pharmacy lab, she teaches IVs, like drugs in bags and saline and all that. She was a grad student and her work was in polymer chemistry. But she was also licensed as a pharmacist and just didn’t want to work as a pharmacist. So she traded away a $110k salary for $25k as a grad student. Granted the opportunity cost is high, but not having to work as a pharmacist is well worth it for some people. It was nice bumping into her because immediately we knew that neither one of us wanted to be a pharmacist so it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one who makes that decision.

It helps to have friends in high places

So the professor I do research for sits on the committee that oversees some student stuff, they do academic standing (like they review case files for students who are on academic probation and decide if they should continue the program — serious stuff and they have to review giant stacks of documents like psychiatric diagnoses and legal statements — and they also decide who gets the scholarships).

Seeing as he sits on this committee and he knows exactly one pharm student (me) I was pleasantly surprised that he leaked me the info that I’d been awarded a scholarship. He recalled it was maybe $4k.

This is when I realized how beautiful this system is. The professor is young and new, so he’s still working really hard trying to get tenure and it helps to forward a little money to the student who’s working for you because the money doesn’t come out of your lab funds! You get to spend scholarship money that goes to random students anyway and give it to the kid who works 55 hours a week in your lab. So he doesn’t cost you anything but he gets paid anyway, you look like you’re more involved with the school of pharmacy because you have a pharm student in it, and hey, free labor.

So it’s a good system, but I also know that two other professors on the committee know my name (and they both seem to like me, too). And you know what the kicker is? We have to write brief hundred-word blurbs for our applications to summarize why we’re deserving of the scholarships. Most people write stuff like they’re so involved and they have these leadership positions and everything. My blurb?

“… presentation of one’s reasons was regarded with mistrust. Honest things, like honest men, do not carry their reasons exposed in this fashion. It is indecent to display all of one’s goods. What has first to have itself proved is of little value… one chooses dialectics only when one has no other expedient.” – F Nietzsche, Twilight of the Idols

I was going for a commentary that anyone will say whatever and aggrandize themselves for their own ends. Evidently this hit home with some of the scholarship committee.

New crown

I had a new crown put in because my mom had a bunch of money in her flex spending account. My parents always put a lot of money into flex spending because it comes out before taxes (payroll and income and everything else) so the savings is pretty good at their tax brackets. So I decided to crown my tooth that hadn’t been crowned yet. It’s not essential that you get a crown after a root canal if your tooth doesn’t have too much pressure on it, but it’s safer to just get one.

I have an existing gold crown (#yolo #swag) on a molar that I had to get crowned because the tooth fractured while I was chewing, which is common for a molar that’s had a root canal.

But this one’s porcelain, and it’s crazy how real it looks. It even has a slight yellow gradation across it’s length to match how your teeth look if you don’t do insane whitening.

So hopefully that’ll be the end of that for a while. Crowns typically last decades, so I really hope I have my own dental insurance if they start to go.

PS, never let your kids drink soda or this will happen.

I got paid for summer.

My research grant is $5k and they’ve awarded it all at once as a check. I have BofA and there’s only one ATM in the entire state that takes checks for BofA¬† and it’s on the skyway of some building downtown. It’s even shitty to drive there because the parking downtown sucks.

I’ll probably spend $300-400 on clothes, and the rest doesn’t really have any set purpose. I kinda feel like playing with a DSLR for kicks. I’d also like to travel a little bit but TBH I don’t really like traveling alone because I get really bored and I don’t really appreciate anything about other places. Like, buildings and architecture and museums and shit. I could see that kind of stuff on google image search, you know?

Interview with a government hospital

So I had an interview the other day at a government hospital, let’s call it the VA, which is a hospital run by the veterans administration. All the patients are veterans, and apparently they’ve been flocking to the hospital since the 2008 recession. The interview actually went well, but their training is full-time over summer, while I don’t want to work full time because I’m doing research, so either both things have to be slightly flexible or I dunno what’s going to happen.

Their hospital was really ghetto. Like more ghetto than the shitty county hospital. It was like a building that hadn’t been renovated since the 60’s using software from the 80’s. The rooms (for employees) were like small closets, although that was the only way they could have a lot of decentralized pharmacists on each floor.

They don’t have any interns working there so I can’t ask anyone for dirt. They lost all their funding for interns five years ago which is kind of sad because interns cost barely anything, even though they have 70 pharmacists on staff.

So it’s not ideal both in terms of time commitment and working conditions, but I might have to take it if they offer it to me.

Lawns are ecological deadzones

So I bumped into my religious neighbor. He’s a professor and he married a preacher woman and they have a small church. They bought a large duplex and have a bunch of useless international Asian kids in it, probably through a missionary program. I’ve met enough of these types of Asian kids to know that they’re faking religion to use the resources of retarded old white people.

Anyway, we have a contiguous lawn, and it’s really evident where their lawn ends and ours begins because we take zero care of our lawn because it’s a bunch of students. We just let the plants overgrow. We have all sorts of different plants, a local assortment of whatever grows nearby. They die in the winter, so there’s a maximum length that the lawn plants get to.

And this neighbor gives massive shits about his lawn, probably because he grew up in the 50’s. He said a bunch of old people stuff about the lawn that ended with “… and a lawn like that is not particularly good for the environment”.

Then I responded “Actually, it increases biodiversity”.

And he was like, “What?”

And then I quickly ended the conversation because I didn’t want to explain biodiversity to him. Different types of plants offer different environments for insects and stuff; compared to a complex array of dozens of different plants, a lawn is an ecological deadzone.