I’ve been drinking tea a little. I never really intentionally drank tea before at home, and my parents don’t drink tea. They occasionally have it in Chinese restaurants. They do have some fancy tea from China that I’ll have to use next time I’m in California. So yeah, not big on tea. I started drinking tea because I did this case competition that was a complete disaster (I should write about that sometime) and I showed up late so most of the food was gone. But nobody else was in the room, so I took some food and jacked all their teabags. The water they had was cold anyway so you couldn’t do anything but take them home, really. So that’s the story of how I started drinking tea.

Maybe it’s a cultural artifact or something, but I drink green or black tea, and that’s the end of the list. I recently expanded out to white people herbal tea, as in I purchased a little three-dollar sampler pack and made some. I discovered that herbal tea is fucking foul. Fucking white people. It was a mix of herbs that smelled nice but when you tried to drink it, it tasted like spit. I’m guessing that most people put honey or sugar or milk or whatever in their tea, but I don’t do that because that’s retarded. You’re just drinking sugar water then.

Drinking tea straight isn’t a problem with green or black tea, but with tea that by itself tastes foul, it’s massively unpleasant.


Papers, please

I’ve never really been on the whole “video games are art” bandwagon because I don’t consider most art to be art. But I recently played Papers, Please and it’s really interesting because it’s engrossing and it tells a story and it’s really funny how the psychology of it works, like how you begin to make decisions and how the decisions you make change as more shit happens at your border crossing. Lesson learned: it’s pretty easy to bribe me. So if there were ever a video game that came close to being art, it’s this dystopian document thriller.