On Boring Girls

Most girls are overwhelmingly boring. Unless you’re doing some activity (school, work) in common, they tend not to share hobbies with internet trolls like me. So the one boring normal girl we have in lab doesn’t have much engagement with the rest of lab. She’s kinda quiet and off-putting which is definitely a vibe I’ve been getting from girls from the midwest. (Well, a lot of girls in general, but especially out here.)

I attended the department Christmas party, where she had a bit of wine, which loosened her tongue slightly. In vino veritas, as they say. Turns out her big reveal is that she really likes Jennifer Lawrence, the girl from Hunger Games. The boring normal white girl from the midwest really thinks that she would have a good time if she were friends with Jennifer Lawrence, because they apparently share some burning mystical quality that eludes me other than the obvious about shared experience. Because J-Law’s existence means that normalweight middle-class slightly potatofaced boring white girls can be glamorous, too.

Also she hates me and I don’t even say anything bad about her to anyone else.


(Bit)coin and alternative cryptocurrency

So one of the major regrets in my life is not mining Bitcoin in 2009 when I’d first heard of it. Bitcoin was worth a tad less than $1 and I knew people on the internet who were mining for them, which was profitable enough that they could buy the equipment, recoup the costs in a manner of months, and everything after that was pure profit, minus electricity. And people were making pretty good profits, too. I had the technical skill, the ability, and even the equipment. But I sat on it because I didn’t see how it could possibly become mainstream.

Back then the only merchants accepting Bitcoin were small little DIY internet shops where you could buy homemade wool hats and other items of grandmotherly construction. Today I’m reading BofA / Merrill Lynch projecting the value of BTC and about real estate and luxury cars are being purchased in Bitcoin transactions. It’s $1000 a coin. So what the fuck. So I guess that’s one of my regrets, that I didn’t hoard Bitcoin when I could easily have done so and become far richer than I deserve to be. Isn’t that the American dream?

So I decided that I wanted to get into alternative cryptocurrencies because Litecoin has been making some waves in the tech community. I mentioned that I was mining a little bit to several friends, including my autistic friend, Aspie. He texts me at 3 AM last night revealing that he had just spent $1800 on the parts for a mining computer. I offer him help (as I am far better at this and point out several flaws in his build) but he really wants to do it himself. He claims that I bring nothing to his table, so I’m going to enjoy him sucking at it for a while. Just another reminder not to make friends with shitty autistic people, I guess.

Bioshock Infinite

I recently purchased Bioshock Infinite. I was reluctant to buy it beforehand because I had some experience with the original Bioshock (and with System Shock 2) and I didn’t like either of them. The atmosphere and storyline were great, the art had excellent direction, the sound and music were great, but the gameplay wasn’t fun. Some people play games even when the gameplay is terrible, and in the gaming community we call them “Europeans”.

Bioshock Infinite added the final piece — the gameplay is amazing. The art and music are probably the best that I’ve ever seen or heard from a video game. The storyline is really engaging. I can’t really think of a video game that had it all, but this surely comes close. This is like, the paragon of video games. It’s so well-made in almost every way I find desirable, it even transcends the good-bad dichotomy which you rarely see in shooters.

I’m heartily recommending it.


I really enjoyed this game.

Traffic, and more

This site I’ve been using off and on since sophomore year of undergrad, and I never meant for it to have any readers at all other than myself, and for a good three years nobody else knew it existed and it wasn’t indexable by search engines. Then I gave out the link to two people total, and that drove the entirety of my traffic for a while. But then I made it indexable, and I’m getting like, 5 visitors a day. That doesn’t sound like a lot but considering that I’m writing things very badly and not really meaning for other people to read, I’m wondering what random internet people possibly get out of it because it’s not interesting or funny.

The most popular post is “IN THIS MOMENT, I AM EUPHORIC”  and that drives probably more traffic than everything else combined. I get why that’s popular because it’s like a new internet thing and mildly entertaining, but the rest of the traffic I don’t understand.

Also a different kind of traffic, but I drove on ice yesterday a bunch and now I know what anti-lock brakes do. They kick your foot back and you go “wtf?” and that’s because the wheels are slipping and you’re going to start sliding if the brakes don’t pump themselves.