Had a really good rotation!

I was assigned out to a CVS in the suburbs. It was actually really good. My preceptor was charming and funny and easy to talk to. The other pharmacist had a goofy dad vibe going on and he was also really easygoing and funny. He was kinda burned out but the funny kind of burned out. The techs were good. P had a great personality and was incredibly thoughtful and helpful. She was slightly attractive, but it was kind of a wash because she wore raccoon makeup and her perfume kinda smelled like hamburgers. She was hopped up on Adderal and caffeine all the time and talked and worked really fast. N had that kind of confused charm about her, where stuff wouldn’t work and she’d be easily overwhelmed. She was older though. J was late 40’s and she was also burned out but kinda funny. They had some part time techs and they were mostly untrained.

Made me think of my first shitty rotation and how awkward it was there and how that preceptor was weird and standoffish. She was like the judgmental maiden aunt from an Ibsen play who frowns upon everything you do.

So far greater than what work you have to do, the main determinant of how enjoyable work is the people whom you’re surrounded by. So it was a really great experience and I got to do pretty much everything. They key is not to ask or to wait to be told, but to just go and do it and fuck up a few times.