On why our Lux fed 0/4/0 in lane

Spit on Daddys D: great i get demoted for having idiots
Spit on Daddys D: as teammates

c: you went 0/4 in lane bro
c: don’t blame us

Spit on Daddys D: i will blame you guys
Spit on Daddys D: for being negative all game
Spit on Daddys D: and coming into the game
Spit on Daddys D: expecting to lose
Spit on Daddys D: that ******* tilts the game
Spit on Daddys D: before it even s tarts

Very delusional player. Nobody said anything of the sort in champ select.


New Rotation featuring coffee, hard seats, and deaf people

I finished my time at the PBM, now I’m just doing a one-on-one face-to-face type of rotation with a dude who does regulatory stuff as a consultant. He’ll put me on a few projects and it’ll be whatever. He’s cool because he’s actually taking the time to get to know me. My previous preceptor didn’t bother at all, I probably talked to her all of five minutes.

So, the address listed from campus was just his home address. He met me at a local coffee chain, and apparently that’s where we’re going to be spending most of the rotation. I find that a bit weird, but whatever.

In the middle of our three-hour conversation, some kids sat down next to us. I was worried they’d start talking loud, but then they started signing at each other because they were deaf. It was still kind of distracting in my periphery.

Another California person came to see me today.

It was Sam, whom I knew pretty well from undergrad. He was really good friends with Waffles, so we saw each other often and went over to each others places. He was here with his dad. They do this thing where they’re on a quest to visit all the professional baseball fields in the country, I think they’re about halfway through. They were doing Minneapolis, Milwaukee, and Chicago this time.

It’s an interesting way to spend time with one’s father, as I recall his parents are divorced. I guess they both like sport, so this gives structure to spending time together. His dad had sharp teeth and  plays D&D and MtG. He’s sort of a dork but he’s pretty cool.

The only other California person to see me was Becky, and now she’s Burlesque dancing on the East coast somewhere.

Orange is the New Black

I’ve been watching it and it’s really good. There’s a lot of black humor, which is nice. The acting is hit and miss. Psychosis I feel has been a little overdone since Breaking Bad, but otherwise it’s decent. Plus it has Captain Janeway in it attempting to play Russian.

And the lead actress was the check from Atlas Shrugged: Part 1.

“Inspector Gadget is not a good detective. He just has a lot of stuff. … Plus he has Penny and the Brain helping him.” — Piper

Then and Now, There and Here

Sticks just moved out. I can’t say that I knew him that well but he was a cordial and decent guy who got along with everyone. He started moving his stuff at around 6 pm and just finished (3 am). He didn’t have to move his big stuff because we’re getting a new roommate in tomorrow who bought it.

It’s like the end of an era. He was the only original roommate left, who’d been here since the house was build, so now I’m the eldest of the house.

Even though I didn’t know him that well, he had a good presence and will be missed.

He handled all the logistical stuff of living, like talking to the neighbors and handling the landlords. He was a very private person in that typical midwest way where you don’t talk about yourself. He would stay up until 4-5 am in the morning. He was an excellent student and focused on school a lot, and would study by himself at night on campus. Now he’s moving out to Seattle to be with his fiance.

I’ll tell the story of their engagement. So, I came downstairs one night, and he had several shower curtains laid out on the kitchen table. He told me about his plan — he was going to tell his GF over Skype that one of his friends had gone to Seattle and he sent a present for her with him. She was to knock on his hotel door and retrieve it. But he was secretly going to be in that hotel room, and he needed a shower curtain that was the same beige color as his wall so she wouldn’t think that he was somewhere else. So she showed up to the hotel room, and surprise, there he was with a ring.

He had a kidney stone two days ago. Two millimeters, and it hurt like a bitch. He thought his appendix burst.

His mom came to our house three months ago. Bryant was due at home but didn’t show up and it had been several hours. His phone was off. She was really worried. We didn’t think he was in his room, but I went up to check his room anyway. There was no answer when I knocked, so I went in and looked around. He wasn’t there. I was afraid that I was going to open the door and his body would just be lying on the ground and I would just go, “FUCK” and call an ambulance while performing CPR. And the body would be cold, and I would just be like, “he’s cold, it’s over.” And his mom would just cry and cry and it would be really uncomfortable. Luckily, he was at his mom’s place, but sleeping quietly in his room and his phone ran out of batteries.

All he ever ate was fast food and TV dinners. Sometimes made himself a sandwich. He used to eat in the bathroom because I would find a bunch of crumbs on the drawer.

He was a thoroughly nice fellow and he’d given me more advice about pharmacy school (and good quality advice) than anyone else these past three years. It’s a small profession and I’m sure I’ll see him on the flip side.

A Chorus Line

My theater roommate suggested A Chorus Line to me some months ago, and I finally got around to watching a crappy production of it on the internet. IT WAS SO SAD. I thought it would be funny because I’ve heard some of the songs from it before, like it would document the antics of the chorus line and stuff. But really it was like 20% that and 80% really sad characters who had neuroses and really unhappy childhoods and their lives were disasters. And the producer makes them talk about themselves and it’s fucking depressing as hell.