Sticks owns the router we use, and he’s coming to take it back at the end of the month. My roommate says that she has some routers at home and she’s gonna bring them over. When she eventually brings them, I look at them and she brought two modems and zero routers.

So I’m buying a router right now. Probably going with the linksys WRT54G, which is affordable but decent and has a community built to developing firmware for it because it’s Linux on the inside.

Technically it’s a house expense but I’ll just own the damn thing because I already own the modem and might as well just have the whole kit.


The downside of buying groceries in the middle of the night

So, I sometimes buy groceries in the middle of the night, like 2-3 am. That’s just when I sometimes have time. I have a weird sleep schedule.

I went just now, and decided that I’d get some gas because I was at like 40% but the gas had been relatively cheap lately. And I’d clean my windows with their brush thing. I get off the highway, and the BP station didn’t have the car window sponge things, while the SA station did. There were two cars at each station and I pull in across from this old shitty red Cadillac Eldorado. So I pull in, get gas, and clean my windows. As I’m about to leave, I hear a voice from one of the other cars go “ey hold up”. I didn’t react to it and got in my car. Once I’d started my car, I gave a little sideways glance and saw an urban youth facing my car, halfway between my car and his car. He was apparently talking to me, but I saw him turn around once he realized I was ignoring him. He had a friend who was in the car.

I’m mildly freaked out because the crime alerts around campus indicate that people matching his description and urban youthfulness are responsible for basically 100% of the crime, particularly in the middle of the night. So I drove away but they could see which way I went. The might have figured I was going to the grocery store or possibly they decided to follow me because they fucking started to follow me. I was about a block ahead of them. I could see headlights in my rearview, but I had no clue who it was. I’m a very paranoid driver/person so I’m always watching my back, especially tonight because I had passed three cops pulling people over in the span of about 7 minutes. But mostly I was worried about being followed by urban youths.

The grocery store is only two minute away, and I pull into the second (farther) turn to get into the parking lot for the entire strip of stores. Only the grocery store is open. I turn around and see the car following me turn into the first turn and we’re both headed towards the grocery store, which is the only possible destination in this area as everything else has closed. I slowly drive across the parking lot, and they get there ahead of me. I see three of them, two get out and wait by the car and one of them goes in to the store.

They could easily have just been buying cigarettes or something, but they could also have been waiting for me. If I stop and attempt to go into the store, I would be effectively surrounded and isolated. So I drove forward, out of the parking lot, and drove home via local streets, including driving circuitously through dark residential areas with my lights off (and making sure not to brake so the light doesn’t come on). I’ll go shopping when it’s bright. I guess I’m paranoid, but if there was even a 1% chance I’d be mugged then I will drive on every fucking time.