Rotating through Retail

I’m currently grinding through a Walgreens in St Paul in kind of a mixed neighborhood… a lot of suburban areas nearby along with a couple small private liberal arts colleges. It’s a moderately awesome place, like 9/10 mostly because of the people. That basically reaffirms the idea that the people at a particular pharmacy make up how enjoyable of a place it is.

This particular pharmacy is completely slammed a lot of the time. The line is sometimes 6 people deep with 3 active registers and the phone rings off the hook. And it’s flu shot season so everyone comes out of the woodwork. The pharmacies encourage it because it’s a decent amount of money they get reimbursed for and they can be done relatively quickly, especially when I do them all.

My preceptor seemed cool. But she went on vacation so I haven’t spent any time with her. The pharmacy manager is really cool, she’s still young and ambitious and really funny. She’s the archetype of pharmacist I would probably be one day — funny, a little cynical, some other stuff that I can’t write down. It’s just finally nice to work with someone who commands a lot of respect. The techs are mostly good, some a little inexperienced. Apparently they have a lot of turnover… the older techs are really burned out, but quite a few are funny as well.

We have a scale in the backroom where we do the flu shots — the manual kind with sliding weights. There’s a post-it note that says “broken” on it. One patient came in and he was like… “oh, it’s broken… i wanted to weight myself”. I told him to go for it because I tried it myself and verified that it seemed to be working okay for me. He said that he really liked me because I took the time to independently verify for myself that stuff worked. Apparently he liked a scientific mind in his pharmacists.