On Interviews

Part of me thinks that it might be beneficial to subtly subvert the process of the behavioral interview. The interviewers don’t like giving them, although I find that some young interviewers tend to take them more seriously because they still have shit to prove about themselves.

Anyway, I had an interview with a large national pharmacy chain. I didn’t wear a suit. I didn’t bring a CV. I didn’t even really prepare or do anything special other than show up. I did the thing where I talk about video games a bunch. About ten minutes, for two questions. One about communication and one about attitude. I don’t think I came off really bad or anything because I have an okay personality.

To be fair, I didn’t go expecting to get hired.


Driving on a flat

So, I got in my car and drove to Target… I heard a faint clicking sound on the highway but had no idea what it was. I also felt a little jittery in the steering wheel, but that can happen when your tires are unbalanced.

I got to Target and checked my tires. My back left was entirely flat, like touching the ground. I was driving on a goddamn flat. But I was at Target, and I had my wits about me, so I bought the food that I was gonna buy and then got a can of fix-a-flat, which always works decently well for me. Dumped in the whole can and my tire perked up and nothing immediately leaked out, so I figured I was good to drive a little bit.

I drove it home, going local because I don’t really trust going highway speed on fix-a-flat. I know that you can if you want, but if my tire blows out at 30 mph local, I can probably still control my car and pull over somewhere safe for AAA. If my tire blows out at 60, I lose control of my car and who knows what’ll happen after that.

So then my gracious roommate and I drive over to my mechanic and I leave it there. Then we got cupcakes and I paid for them. Car stuff gives me anxiety.

Modern Society and the Roman Republic

“Until recently I always questioned why people would support Caesar over the Republic of Rome, but now I realize that if the Republic was anything like Western civilization is now, anyone who promises a return to tradition and an end to this madness would be a hero. At this point I would gladly support a dictator solely for a promise to end this farce.” — Anonymous