On Height

I didn’t notice height until the end of my junior year in college. I mean, of course I noticed that some people were taller and some were shorter. I was always on the tall side of the class, not even like freakishly tall, but I’m about 6’1. When I see dudes who are 6’4, I kinda feel bad because they must have so many problems fitting in cars and doorframes and trees with low hanging branches. It’s not a fun height to be much taller than I am.

But it didn’t occur to me that it mattered how tall people were and I just sort never noticed that some short people were 5’4 and some were 5’9. Like, those all looked the same to me. Pretty much everyone significantly shorter than me was just “shorter” and everyone else was “about my height” except for the few lanky skeleton men you see who are super tall. Like, I didn’t realize it was a thing that people even cared about at all. I was height-blind.

One day I was walking with my old physics lab partner. She was cute, but really needy and short. I was friendly overall but I probably should have treated her nicer than I did over the course of two semesters. Most of the time, we were sitting, so I didn’t really notice her height… then one day like a year later we bumped into each other and did a walk and talk. I looked way down and noticed that she was like, super short. Like 5 foot even. I was like, “you’re really short!” and she was like “yeah”.

Also I read short dudes complain on the internet and I realized that a lot of people have neuroses about height. A lot of the pieces of the puzzle fit into place, with respect to some stuff that people have said about height all my life. Like, all the people complaining about height before that point suddenly played in my head and it all clicked.

Manlets, when will they learn?