Another day at the pharmacy

So I’ve started working in a big chain pharmacy as part of my extremely complex thought process about the overall profession and my career. I might write in the future about that, maybe.

I’ve been sick all week. Flu-like, it was pretty bad. I toughed it out and went to my rotation. I’m at an epilepsy clinic. The patients run the entire spectrum of the disease — there are patients who’ve only had one seizure in their lifetimes and are well-controlled on medication, then there are patients who have intractable seizures who have several seizures a day even though they’ve tried all the different medication and have had multiple brain surgeries. When you seize that much you are basically developmentally disabled due to your brain being fried like an omelette.

Day-to-day wise, it’s not terrible. A lot of it is observing their physicians. There were also other students there. Med students and not particularly interesting, but they’re okay to talk to when I’m bored. It’s pretty much an eight and skate. My supervisor is this old european woman with nappy hair who looks like an old Mr Potatohead. She is a better preceptor than average.