health insurance, 401k, etc.

So part of my new gainfully adult employment is that I have insurance. So I got to scroll through all the different health, vision, and dental plans to select one that I think I would need. They come in bronze, silver, gold, and platinum – kind of like the ranking system for Starcraft II and League of Legends. They plans cost different amounts of money even in the same tier, so I really don’t know the difference is between them. I guess how big their networks are. I also bought some of the other stuff — group accident, hospital indemnity, etc to cover my bases just in case I get into an auto accident or get cancer or something. So yeah. Health, vision, dental.

Also set up my 401K. They do 4% matching on your 4% contribution so I just did that because I’m starting young at a high salary and I figure I won’t need more than that because of compounding interest — also because maybe I’ll die young. They have a bunch of different funds so I just picked a retirement date 40 years in the future and I’m just gonna let it ride.

They also have corporate discounts on random stuff (computers, hotels, w/e) so I might check that out later.


On Height, Part III

I think height is correlated with professional success. I’ve noticed that pharmacists are taller and techs are shorter. Even among women of similar age. They are also thinner. The exception to this is some of the Asian pharmacists are short, sometimes comically so. The local corporate office is also kinda tall people except for this one comically short Asian dude. It’s also all men except for a receptionist.

Decline and Fall

I think the US is a lot like Rome basically, so I am fond of reading Roman history. Reading Roman history has cemented my belief that people haven’t changed much in recorded history. I am reading Sallust at present, from The Conspiracy of Cataline:

As soon as wealth came to be a mark of distinction and an easy way to renown, military commands, and political power, virtue began to decline. Poverty was now looked on as a disgrace and a blameless life as a sign of ill nature. Riches made the younger generation a prey to luxury, avarice, and pride. Squandering with one hand what they grabbed with the other, they set small value on their own property while they coveted that of others. Honor and modesty, all laws divine and human, were alike disregarded in a spirit of recklessness and intemperance.

On Smelling Nice

All the other pharmacists smell nice. With girls it’s always been hard to tell exactly what it is (perfume? lotion? really fragrant shampoo?) but in my continuing quest for personal growth I decided I would try some cologne and see how that fit me.

Granted, none of them are male. I’ve worked with a number of male pharmacists and they don’t smell like anything. But I’m still young and dandyish so I figure I would try. Actually one of the techs makes an attempt to smell “nice”, but he blasts on what I think is Axe body spray to mask the smell of his cigarettes.

A brief search on the internet will reveal a staggering amount of information about different fragrances. And it’s not like you can smell them online, which would be the most important thing. So basically I just bought some blind and got a set of small bottles from Penhaglion’s. No particular reason other than they have a royal warrant so maybe I smell like Prince Charles.

I still have no idea which particular fragrance suits me the best (and I’m not fully convinced that the whole concept isn’t a little contrived but I might as well see it for myself).