A new pathetic roommate

So I have two new roommates. I really have to move out. One is a girl in chemistry, she’s kinda normal as far as grad students go. The other I’m gonna name Millhouse because he’s pathetic in almost every way. He just moved in and his parents were over a bunch helping him move in, like five days in a row his parents were over buying him food and micromanaging his life. He is the sad progeny of a white father and asian mother. His father no joke has one of those sun hats and a fanny pack. His mother is shrill but at least speaks English acceptably.

Millhouse looks like his chin is receding into his neck. I’ve described him to others as “looks like that gay kid who got tortured in high school”. He has seven serious food allergies, like he can’t have soy, dairy, nuts, shellfish, and several other things. He’s earnest but not in a good way.

He asks a lot of really bad questions, like he’s afraid of disturbing anyone and he tries to be nice to a fault.


Future Imperfect

I get asked about what I’m going to do in the future, with respect to career and location. I wish I knew. Well, I kinda know but it’s not a good answer. Pharmacy is an okay profession. It pays well, but there are two big negatives. The first is that the working conditions aren’t great. It’s very busy and you sometimes don’t have enough help to do everything. And as with any profession where you deal with people, there are really awful people with mental diseases and personality disorders who sometimes come in and scream at you for no reason. Also you don’t get a chair, which is a serious problem. The second big negative is the future of pharmacy, which is quite bad. A lot of new schools have opened up and it’s actually hard for them to even find enough qualified students now. They’re just admitting whomever and the supply of pharmacists is increasing much faster than the demand. So I think wages are going to be stagnant, or they might even fall.

With respect to being here or moving, I don’t intend to live here on a permanent basis so I’ll probably go back to California in a few years.

But the problem is that I have no clue about what I actually want to do. I think chemistry is really fun, but it doesn’t pay well. The pay is actually kind of shit, and also it’s hard. A PhD would take kind of a long time, and bio PhDs are way oversaturated. I could do like an MPH, but it seems like people who go that route are at least passionate about some aspect of it and don’t just have a lot of passion in general.

The future freaks me out.

a controlling roommate

One of my roommates has become extremely controlling. When she first moved in two years ago, she acclimated to the standing house “rules”, but as time went on, she became more and more controlling. So stuff had to be stored in a certain place, and she would repeatedly rearrange the living room without asking for anyone’s input.¬†She studies theater and is of strikingly low intelligence overall.

I came back a few days ago and the entire living room was rearranged and the second door that leads into the first floor is now blocked by cabinets.

A wise old black lady tech told me that when girls get controlling that means they like you. But that sounds awful so I’ll probably just move.

The Lifestyle of a Young Professional, Part I

I recently went to a performance of Pirates of Penzance — a real one where old people go and nobody is wearing jeans except me. I was one of five people in the crowd under the age of 40 (grandchildren excepted). I bought a middle class ticket, $60 for the matinee. It was an excellent performance. My theater roommate thinks that it’s odd that I like Gilbert and Sullivan. My response is that their theater is fun.

I have been to other dreary plays on account of my theater friend, all invariably downmarket celebrations of social justice and explorations of neurotic characters doing neurotic things, occasionally punctuated with noise from the bowling alley next door. I cannot describe those experiences as “fun”.

So I guess you get what you pay for.