The Human Condition

I’ve been bored and lonely lately, so I guess not much has changed since college. I’ve mentioned this in passing to several people who agree with me that they too are bored and lonely. Also in the pharmacy, several techs who are also young and single mention that they are also bored and lonely.

I think boredom and loneliness are part of the human condition. Most people carry it pretty well.



I’ve been watching a TV show called Continuum on Netflix; by all accounts it’s a thoroughly mediocre production from a Canadian sci-fi channel. It’s about time travel at first and the main character’s quest to stop the damage to the timeline. Standard sci-fi time travel stuff but somewhat interesting because the wrote a whole dystopian corporations vs occupy wall street theme into it. I stuck with it and it really transforms in the later seasons. The story arc goes off the rails with alternate timelines, multiple factions, backstabs into backstabs, people meeting future/past/alternate selves; the story is bonkers and it’s wild. I liked it, it just resonated with me I guess.

Also the main character, Kiera Cameron wears trench coats with dress shirts and skinny jeans. That’s the other main thing I like about the show, she dresses like me except she’s actually attractive so she wears it better. She wears some pretty sweet trench coats, I’m thoroughly impressed by her wardrobe. I kinda wonder where they got them but if the answer is just Burberry I’ll be kinda disappointed because I don’t feel like spending $1500 on a trench coat.