On Moving

I’ve lived in the same shitty house the previous five years so it’s time to move. The biggest thing is that our most annoying retarded roommate is definitely staying so everyone else is moving. Me and two others were looking for a 3 bedroom house, but they’re poor. They’re the kind of youthful poor where you live a bohemian lifestyle and pretend to like it instead of just being honestly poor. So my ideal rent was like $700-750 and they were looking for like $550. And then one of them had a friend who was also looking, so it was four of us in total. We toured one house before one roommate dropped out of the search, then the other one did, until it was just me and a friend’s friend.

But he’s a nice kid, a chem grad student so I’m down to live with him. He seems cool. We did a couple showings and eventually found a decent one in our price range. Relatively new building, off-street parking, controlled access. It’s across campus in a heavily residential area so the population density is high. I’m excited to move and to get outta here.

When we went to the showing, it was a middle aged white lady who was inept with electronics and airheaded all around. Her husband was a larger man and very similar; they were on their way to a minor league baseball game. They were okay with us signing the lease right there and then, without running background or credit checks. I look like a dork and so does my roommate, he’s a average height pale white chemistry dork. So we have privilege I guess. Whatever.