Social media is kinda depressing

It’s like, seemingly a bunch of happy people having happy fun dressed up Halloween times. A bunch of happy smiling people looking at you through a computer screen, with photographic evidence to prove they appear like they’re having a good time. I’m sitting around with very few friends and certainly don’t feel great about it. But I know these people, and I know among a plurality of these people many have clinical depression.

I dunno man.


from The Corrections

Gary’s problem with illness in aggregate, aside from the fact that it involved large quantities of human bodies and that he didn’t like human bodies in large quantities, was that it seemed to him low-class. Poor people smoked, poor people ate Krispy Kreme doughnuts by the dozen. Poor people were made pregnant by close relatives. Poor people practiced poor hygiene and lived in toxic neighborhoods. Poor people with their ailments constituted a subspecies of humanity that thankfully remained invisible to Gary except in hospitals and in places like Central Discount Medical. They were a dumber, sadder, fatter, more resignedly suffering breed. A Diseased underclass that he really, really liked to keep away from. – Jonathan Franzen, The Corrections

Primary Care

Had a doctors appointment today. Nothing major. I’ve slowly felt a subcutaneous cyst grow kinda under the skin on the back of my head for two years. It was just w/e for a while but then it got too close to a nerve and it kinda hurts when I poke it. It’s about pea sized. I just wanted a referral but then it turns out that my insurance (United Health) doesn’t require referrals. But yeah.

So it was a productive establishment of care although I didn’t explicitly mention my history of WPW. I also probably shoulda gotten my cholesterol checked but it’s whatever. I only spent like 5 minutes in the room with the PA. Fast is good. A lot of people have unrealistic expectations about what medical care is now, but it’s supposed to be efficient as possible and fast is good. It probably helps that I’m competent enough to diagnose myself. I wouldn’t have minded either way because she was really hot. Anyway I have my referral to derm and I’m gonna go do that on Friday.