On Travel

The problem with traveling is that it’s an alienating experience if you do it alone, especially if you’re empty and hollow like me. I have two weeks off late January which represents the entirety of my PTO. The problem is that nobody wants to go anywhere. I suppose not having a significant other is a big determinant of the calculation. I was thinking of Texas, and this one kinda sad/pretty girl from work was maybe gonna go to San Antonio for PAX South, but she decided she didn’t want to. Then my old friend Robin was gonna go to Colombia which I’d be down for and then he decides he’d rather go to Barcelona, and I don’t really feel like riding a fifteen hour flight twice for three and a half jet lagged days of vacation.

So it’s kind of sad that nobody wants to do anything with me, but this was hardly a new development. I think some people in this world aren’t really meant to have a super fun time with everyone else. The main issue is me, I think. If other people thought I was a super fun or interesting person, they’d want to hang out with me. Like, you see people on social media out with their besties and posting pictures of them smiling.