On Fragrance, Part II

I’ve run out of the Penhaligon sampler I was using. The only good ones were Juniper Sling and Opus 1870. I recently bought a perfume sampler off the internet just to get a nice array of what’s out there. I’m not going to describe what they smell like because I’m really bad at it. Also there are places on the internet you can find descriptions and pretend you know what bergamot, orris root, and styrax smell like. Here are my rankings thus far:

Penhaligon – Juniper Sling
Penhaligon – Opus 1870
Versace – Bright Crystal
Oscar de la Renta – Extraordinary

Gucci – Guilty
Thierry Mugler – Alien
Calvin Klein – Reveal
Michael Kors – Sporty Citrus

Penhaligon – Blenheim Bouquet
Penhaligon – Bayolea
Bottega Veneta – Knot
Hanae Mori – Hanae
Narciso Rodriguez – for her
Marchesa – parfum d’extase

Geologist tier
Versace – Yellow Diamond

Grandmother tier
Penhaligon – Sartorial
Prada – Candy
Yves St Laurent – Black Opium


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