Future Imperfect

I haven’t posted in a while because my life is a humdrum one where nothing happens unless mediated by ownership of goods (On Fragrance) or thoughts on conspicuous leisure (On Travel). But now I have a day off so I’ll discuss my future plans.

My passport expires in December 2017, so I sent for it to be renewed a week ago (2 month process) so that later this year when my loans are paid off I can apply for MSF – Doctors Without Borders. I read that it’s very competitive, like with a 10% acceptance rate for physicians. But their website says they have a current need for pharmacists, so I might as well roll the dice on that one. It all depends on where I’m sent. I would much rather go to the Levant than to somewhere endemically poor like Africa. Speaking of poverty, they pay very little, like maybe $30k.

Someday I’m going to have to defend to others what I did with my youth, and the answer isn’t going to be that I moved to a flyover state and took tablets out of one bottle and put them into a different bottle. This was never going to be a permanent thing, but the money is really good. I met Charles recently and he also gave up a cushy job for personal freedom.

I have not told my parents, but they are another sore point. I suppose I have to write about my experiences on the cruise I underwent with them. I shall make a note here to do that later, and about how they are attempting / failing to set me up with fobby Chinese girls.


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