Brief thoughts on Facebook friendship

I recently went through my friends list and culled my friends from 315 to about 200. The key to a good Facebook cull is to do it when you’re angry. I remember when I first did it in undergrad, I was angry about something (I don’t remember what) and Charles was like, “Maybe you shouldn’t do this when you’re in a bad way.” But if you wanna get rid of the dead weight, you should do it exactly when you’re angry because then you’re more likely to act on your emotions.

Germanic tribes during the age of Rome would make important decisions twice, first when sober and then when drunk. If the decisions matched up, they would act on them. In vino veritas. You need a concordance of the rational and emotional.

Some people don’t have good presence, like their content is garbage or they don’t post anything at all and they’ve never interacted with you. So they are unnecessary. It doesn’t even have to be interactive, just an occasional “like” will do. Imagine Chris Rock’s voice going “can a nigga get a like? shieeeeeeit”. Others you were never actually friends with, like you met them once at a party and that was it. I have the problem that all these people from pharmacy school are on my page – they’re classmates but not ones whom I respect. And the two years since graduation is enough to shake out who you’re actually interested in talking to.

A final note is that the internet behavior that most offends me is when someone doesn’t respond. Like if you say hi or say something to them, they just ignore you even though they’ve obviously seen it. I don’t even expect prompt responses, people are busy with all sorts of stuff. But if you can’t take literally two seconds to respond with “hey how are you?” then the message that sends to me is “you’re not worth the two seconds it would take to talk to you”. That pisses me off because I always make time for other people when they message me, even if I can’t respond right away.

Facebook’s version of “friend” really demeans the concept of friendship.

On an unrelated note I’ve deactivated Facebook and I’ll be off it for a while. I might write about why later but ultimately it boils down to I’m actually just barely holding it all together.


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