On Physical Appearance

Juniper came up and visited. She was like a 7 back in the day. She was 26 at the time. I met her just now and she’s like a 4. I have independent verification of this as other guys say it too. Her skin was really damaged and she wasn’t wearing any makeup. But when I go back and stalk her old Facebook pictures, even when she’s younger she’s not that attractive without makeup. Or maybe she just had much better skin tone. People fall apart over time (it starts at 26, the falling apart) but she fell apart very rapidly.

Maybe it’s stress? She’s cagey about what she does professionally and I don’t want to pry or else she gets weird and emotional. She’s cagey about a lot of her personal life and what does come through has more red flags than 1945 Moscow.

I hung out with her for a day but it was like babysitting because she would randomly get sad and ask me to drive her to the grocery store to buy candy. She claims to have various health ailments but refuses to get treatment from allopathic physicians and instead takes a random concoction of herbal medications.

It must suck to be valued for your physical appearance and to lose it. Because then your neurosis ceases to be fun and quirky and you’re just a weirdo.



I fervently believe one of the most positive things you can be is anticonsumerist. Nobody needs piddly shit, knick knacks, holiday flair, stuff in the bargain bin at Walmart. One of my technicians is really dumb and obese and she spends money on literally plastic garbage. Her family (including her adult children) are poor as fuck but she still buys useless shit like those lamps you put in your lawn to light the path.

I’ve never met anyone I consider even mildly intelligent buy massive piles of useless garbage. I think even mild intelligence informs people that they don’t need to buy useless garbage.  Like maybe they buy something stupid once like a singing fish, realize it has no function aesthetic or otherwise, and learn their lesson permanently. Whenever I think about buying something, I think about the cat looking at the hotdogs.

all the hotdogs.jpg

The key is that you never wanted the hotdogs in the first place.